Sunglasses after Summer

October 4, 2019

Autumn, damn I love this time of year. Nature’s colours are changing to a beautiful reddish, brown. The nights are getting shorter so you can enjoy an early evening with candles, maybe put the open log fire on, fantastic. Ok maybe that’s just a few countries, but everyone has their different love for Autumn right?

Well the other thing about Autumn and Winter looming is that a lot of people don’t think about sunglasses, they’re generally for the Spring, Summer right? Well, yes they’re needed then for sure, but Autumn and Winter are just, if not, more important to have some good quality eyewear than Summer. I'm not talking the latest frame designs, I mean real, quality lenses. They're like the tyres for your car, the most important piece of equipment. 


It’s safe to say, I have a decent amount of sunglasses. I’m really sensitive to light and even on a dull overcast day, I used to be found squinting as I drive or walk down the road. I’ve always liked wearing sunglasses to stop that squint, not to try to look cool, but for a genuine purpose.

The brand I always go for is Serengeti Eyewear, they have a 3-in-1 lens technology that is unrivalled in any other sunglass manufacturer. They have a range of frames, as well as a choice of different lenses for difference situations. I tend to veer towards their Driver’s lens, because; well surprise surprise it’s good for driving. The lens was created in 1985 and is still going strong today; mainly because it offers the wearer the sharpest vision when on and off the road. It lightens the vision beautifully, but without that awful blinding glare.

They achieve this through their Photochromic, Spectral Control and Polarising technologies – their 3-in-1 lens. The Photochromic element is molecularly fused into the lens and is activated by the amount of UV in the atmosphere, so it literally changes with the conditions. The Spectral Control manages light wavelengths to give better definition to objects. The Polarising for me, is probably the most important because it surpresses the glare from objects, like water or other vehicles, anything that gives off that glare when driving.


So, I guess that’s why I’m writing this piece, because the glare the sun gives off is actually worse in the Autumn and Winter than it is in the Summer. The sun’s a lot lower in the sky.

Buy yourself a decent pair of poplarised sunglasses. It’ll save a lot of squinting and help you see more clearly.

If you'd like to find out more about Serengeti Eyewear, take a look at their website and check out their amazing Instagram page

Thanks and cheers